Dear Chamber Members & Friends,

The Chamber encourages activities that will benefit the member businesses that provide all of the funding for the Chamber. There are times when activities are sponsored and/or funded by the Chamber when the Woodstock Community is the beneficiary of an event. We welcome all ideas and proposals.

Project proposals are for members of the chamber. If you are not a member, and would like to become one, click this membership link.

All proposals must be submitted no later than 60 days prior to the event.

There are three ways the Chamber can support local projects:

  • Sponsorship using the Chamber name
  • Sponsorship with Chamber name and funding
  • Promoting projects among our members

Since budgets are prepared a year in advance, we are limited in our ability to support near-term projects when we receive requests for funding. Even so, we encourage your proposals and hope that we are able to assist with sponsorship with our name and sometimes with funding.

All projects must be board approved. Some projects must have membership approval in addition to Board approval. No project can be approved by individual Board members or individual Chamber members.

We try to make the approval process both simple and fair. The Woodstock Chamber has no paid staffing – with the exception of the Visitor Information Booth in the summer. Volunteers provide their limited time to make every Chamber project possible. For this reason we have developed the following review and approval process:

  • We request that proposals be prepared on submitted by email. If there are attachments we ask that they be in the form of a Microsoft Word document, a text document or a PDF.

    Much of our internal communication is done by email to expedite communications and reduce the number of meetings. This brings the added advantage of benefiting the environment! And, importantly, your proposal will be reviewed more quickly if it is received as an email.

  • The Finance Committee will review and make recommendations to the Board. The Finance Committee reviews to see if the project fits Chamber policies and is financial feasible. This means they are looking for an idea that will be met with community approval, has adequate staffing and adequate funding. Also, they will be concerned that the project does not conflict with other Chamber priorities. Since the Chamber name is important to our members, we must take care when we sponsor projects to preserve our good standing in the community. Please note that the Finance Committee does not accept or reject projects because they do
    or do not like the project.
  • If the Finance Committee believes the project is feasible, then the project is sent to the Board President who will put the item on the agenda for the next board meeting (time permitting). The Board will consider the project and make a decision.
  • If the Board approves the project, a Board member or Committee Chairperson is assigned as the project liaison. The liaison person will contact the applicant and let them know if the project has been approved.

Thank you for your interest. And, please don’t be intimidated by the form. It is intended to let you know what we need to know and to simplify the approval process. Please email any questions to me, and I will try to respond promptly.

The WCOCA Proposal Form can be filled out online here, or downloaded here in PDF form and emailed back to us.